LOT Atlanta Elections 2015

Leaders of Tomorrow – Atlanta Elections 201 5 

LOT Elections Instructions 6 steps (No experience necessary)

1. Read the position descriptions below  2. Select an office to run for  3. Make sure you have time to dedicate to your position  4. RSVP on eventbrite here for the position you want  5. Prepare a 2-3 minute speech on what you will do and/or why you want that position  6. Attend LOT Elections


President, Chief Executive Officer (Junior or Senior Only)

  • Management of LOT Officers, conduct meetings
  • Liaison between and LOT Executive Team and Staff
  • Attend LOT symposiums and planning meetings
  • Strategic planning and tactical execution of LOT events
  • Call to order, as well as adjourn all meetings 

VP of Operations  

  • Work with LOT president to facilitate symposiums and programming
  • Assist with planning and tactical execution of all LOT events
  • Ensures all LOT rules and traditions are respected by everyone
  • Provides leadership opportunities for all. Greet members and guests

VP of Finance

  • Submit event requests to LOT director
  • Ensure budgeting of future events
  • Ensure adequate cash flow for LOT events/supplies
  • Collect receipts and record expenses after events

VP of Records

  • Ensure agenda is distributed for each symposium
  • Prepares and manage correspondence, reports and documents
  • Oversees monthly newsletters LOT-Atlanta Chapter
  • Receives, types and distributes minutes of meetings

Director of Marketing –LOT Media FB, IG, Twitter, Newsletter, Website

Director of Membership –Attendance sheet, alumni updates, student tracking

Director of Education – Locate scholarships, college and career opportunities

Chaplain – Open/close LOT events in prayer (non-denominational)

Director of Community Affairs –Coordinate service events, LOT Global Chair

Director of Programs – Program planning, speakers, gifts, monthly agenda

LOT Atlanta is a youth led program. Our leaders lead TODAY in preparation for tomorrow. Please make sure you have the time to dedicate to your position. Elected leaders will be sworn in by an actual judge in January 2015.  

 Good Luck Leaders!                                            

Interested in joining LOT or Renewing your membership?

2014-15 LOT Application (NEW) 

2014-15 LOT Registration (Current Member) 

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