Class of 2017

High School Senior Timeline and Checklist

Stay on track with college admissions by following our guide for senior year. Print

Your senior year of high school is the most important time in the college planning process because you’ll need to decide which colleges and universities to apply to, send in your applications and explore financial aid and scholarship options for the colleges you seek to attend.

  • Fall 2016 (September-November)

    • Start your senior year by finalizing your college list.
    • Now that you have an idea of where you want to go, visit prospective colleges and get a feel for the campuses
    • Consider options for early action and your recommendation letters.
    • Register for required tests, it’s your last chance to take the SAT, ACT, or SAT subject tests!
    • Fill out and complete your college applications before the deadlines arrive.
    • Make an appointment with your guidance counselor to ensure all your colleges get what they need.
    • Start working on your college application essay; it’s a crucial part of your application.
    • Explore your prospective schools’ financial aid requirements to plan your college budget.

    Winter 2016-17 (December-February)

    • Schedule your college interviews to finish up the admissions process.\
    • Complete your FAFSA so you can get the most possible financial assistance for college.
    • Cross everything off this post-application checklist.
      Continue your hunt for scholarships and apply for scholarships.
  • Spring 2017 (March-May)

    • Once you’ve received all of your responses from colleges, make your final decision!
    • Verify your financial aid before you make any college budget decisions.
      Follow our last admissions checklist: Send your final transcripts to your college and meet housing deadline.

      Prepare for your AP exams and complete your AP tests before summer

    • Cross everything off your graduation checklist and graduate!
  • Summer 2017 (June-August)

    • Start your last ever high school summer job.
    • Attend your college’s summer orientation to get the lay of the land before school starts.
    • Apply for student housing and get matched with a great roommate
    • There’s no time to waste, begin preparing for your college coursework now.
    • Get ready for a new world of student organizations, on-campus living, and college life by learning more about what your school has to offer.

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